Should You Keep a Spare Key Outside Your Home?

Should You Keep a Spare Key Outside Your Home?

This is an age old question that many people wonder about each and every day. Sure, there are some people that leave a key to their home outside, but there are others that wouldn’t dream of it.  It is something that is commonly done these days, and that means that there are risks involved with it.  Take a look at the pros and the cons, and decide for yourself.  

The Advantages

First, you will find that the biggest advantage is the fact that you will virtually never be locked out.  If you misplace a key, you can simply go and find the one that you have placed strategically outside of the house.  You can get in, no matter the time of day, without having to call on anyone for their help.  

The Disadvantages

There are, however, disadvantages to leaving a spare key outside.  Since so many people do this, it is one of the first things that a burglar or robber will look for if they want to break in.  They will look in the obvious places, and sometimes in the not so obvious places.  Unless you have a very good place to put your key, it may be a good idea for you to just not leave a spare key outside.  

If you don’t leave a spare key outside and you get locked out, you do have affordable options.  You can call on the expert residential locksmiths. We can take care of all of your residential locksmith needs, not just lockouts.  Just remember, your safety and that of your family, is being put at risk by leaving a spare key to your home outside for anyone to pick up.  You should definitely avoid this unless you have an extremely unique, and impossible to find hiding place! 

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