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Maintain Your Locks in 3 Easy Steps

Keeping the locks on your doors and windows in good condition is essential for ensuring that your home remains safe and secure. With regular maintenance, you can keep them functioning properly for many years to come. Here are three simple steps to help you maintain your locks.

Clear Out The Dust

Dust, dirt and debris can accumulate on the inside of your lock, which can cause the pins to jam and prevent them from working properly. To clear out any built-up dust, give it a good clean with an aerosol duster or canned air – just be sure not to hold it too close or it may blow moisture into the lock. You can also use a dry toothbrush to gently brush away any dirt particles from the outside of the lock without pushing them further in.

Lubricate The Lock

Using a lubricant such as graphite or silicone-based spray will help ensure that all of the moving parts within your lock continue working smoothly. Make sure not to over saturate it though – you only need a very small amount and applying it directly onto the key rather than spraying directly into the lock will help prevent this from happening. Additionally, avoid using petroleum-based lubricants as they tend to attract dirt and grime, making future maintenance more difficult.

Work It And Wipe It

Once you’ve applied the lubricant, insert the key into the lock several times and turn it back and forth in order to evenly spread out the oil throughout its mechanism. Once done, carefully wipe away any excess oil that may have pooled around the keyhole or on the key itself with a cloth so that no unwanted grime gets trapped in your locks.

By following these simple steps every year or so, you’ll be able to significantly increase both the performance and longevity of your locks. This means that you won’t have to worry about them deteriorating prematurely due to lack of care – keeping your home firmly secured for many years ahead!

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