How Deadbolts Aid in Theft Prevention

How Deadbolts Aid in Theft Prevention

Deadbolts, also referred to as deadlocks, are one of the most commonly suggested tools by locksmiths for preventing property theft. It is not spring-loaded and can only be opened with a knob or a key. The primary distinction between them and other types of locks is that they cannot be tampered with using a knife or other infiltration instrument.


The Different Types of Deadbolts

A locksmith can sell you three distinct types of deadbolts:


It’s the simplest of them all, as it just opens on one side. Those are mostly always found in public bathrooms.


It’s used on both sides of the door in key doors. While the latter should not be used in doors with breakable glass, these are ideal for such doors since they need a key, making it impossible for a burglar to break through them. They do, however, limit escape options in emergency circumstances such as earthquakes or fires.


Essentially the same as the double cylinder, but they don’t need a key to open them; instead, they use a different sort of sensor, such as a fingerprint, facial scan, or password, and just a button to shut them.

The Benefits of Deadbolts Against Thieves

They are exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to break through a powerful onslaught since they are highly reinforced and made of solid steel. A crowbar or a gadget known as “The Bear Grip” may simply be used to break common door locks, but a deadbolt is a completely different story.

Furthermore, a lock would need considerably more physical time for the burglar to pass through, allowing time for your security systems to react, causing the criminal to flee the premises.

Keep in mind that, while we commend the deadbolt, there is no assurance that it will secure your house from burglars 100 percent of the time. However, when compared to other techniques, they greatly enhance your chances of safety, as any locksmith will attest.

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