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How Deadbolts Aid in Theft Prevention

Deadbolts, also known as deadlocks, are one of the most effective strategies recommended by locksmiths to protect property from being stolen. They are not spring-loaded and can only be unlocked using a key or knob. The main difference between them and other types of locks is that they can not be opened with a knife or any other tools intended to bypass security measures.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

This is the simplest form of deadbolt available in the market, as it opens on one side only. It is commonly seen in public restrooms and other places where access control needs to be provided for safety purposes.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt with Key

These deadbolts require a key to open them from both sides. It is an appropriate solution for doors with glass panels, as it would make it impossible for intruders to break into the enclosed space through the window by using a crowbar or any similar device. However, this kind of lock might limit escape options in case of emergencies such as fires or earthquakes.

Keyless Deadbolt Cylinder

The keyless cylinder works similarly to double cylinder deadbolts, but without the need of a key because they have another type of access system such as facial scans, fingerprints or passwords which work together with a button that shuts the door once entry has been granted.

Deadbolts: Increased Protection Against Burglary

Due to their construction out of solid steel and superior reinforcement capabilities, these types of locks are very difficult if not impossible to breach even when targeted with powerful force. Regular door locks may easily be broken using tools like crowbars but going through a deadbolt requires significantly more time and energy – giving security systems enough time to respond before burglars flee the scene altogether.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a 100% burglar-proof property but having deadbolts installed is definitely an upgrade security-wise that every homeowner should consider implementing – especially when taking into account how most burglaries occur due to non-forced entries.

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