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5 Tips For Garage Door Security

When it comes to home security, garage doors are often overlooked as a weak point. They provide burglars with cover and access to other doors in your home, as well as ample storage for items like white goods, sporting equipment, and tools. It also may not be suspicious when a truck or work vehicle is parked outside your garage, providing potential intruders even more incentive to exploit your garage’s vulnerabilities.

To protect yourself from potential break-ins through your garage door, follow these 5 tips below:

Secure Your Garage Door

The first step is to ensure you don’t leave your garage door open for any extended period of time – even during the day when you’re away from home. By keeping it closed at all times, you’ll be able to deter any opportunistic burglars who may be casing your residence.


Lock The Entryway To Your Garage

Most garages have an entryway that connects either into the house or out onto the yard. Make sure this door is always locked before you leave home as an extra layer of security against any intruders. This might cause slight inconvenience in having to unlock the door each time you enter or exit the premises but it’s well worth it for added peace of mind.

Store Your Garage Remote Responsibly

Your car key and garage remote are two items that should be treated similarly in terms of security – never leave them unattended or visible inside of your vehicle where they can easily be stolen by a thief. Invest in securing them on a keychain so they can’t be taken without notice and used to access your property without permission.

Maintain The Integrity Of Your Roller Door

Inspect and maintain your roller door regularly to ensure it functions properly at all times. Faulty doors that don’t close securely are just like leaving them opened wide which could potentially allow easy access into the premise with minimal effort from an intruder. Don’t wait until something happens – take preventative measures now!

Padlock The Garage From The Inside

If you’re going away for an extended period of time, add some additional padlocks to the inside of the garage door before leaving for added protection against forced entry while away from home. Also consider adding locks to any windows in the area as another measure for additional security regardless if you’re spending a few days away or not.

By following these simple tips you can help to ensure your garage door remains a secure and impenetrable entrance into your home. Keep in mind that no matter how robust the door itself may be, it is important to make sure all other access points such as windows and side doors are also adequately protected from potential intruders.

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